Our chassis was built by Bob Meyer of San Diego, California. The chassis wheelbase is 260" - overall length of the car is 27 feet (8.25m) There is approximately 280 feet (85.3m) of high strength 4130 chrome-moly steel tubing used to fabricate the chassis. Tubing of differing diameters and wall thickness are used at different locations - the rollcage has the largest section and the tubing reduces in diameter from the rear to the front - this is to allow the chassis to flex (it would snap if it was too rigid).

The engine is purpose built for drag racing based on a Chrysler "Hemi" and is approximately 7500cc, it is supercharged, fuel injected and made out of solid aluminium for strength (no water passages for cooling). As no commercially available dynamometer is strong enough to test the engine the power output has to be calculated - and it is in excess of 2500bhp! Methanol is used as the fuel to give extra power, it runs cooler and does not detonate (pink) as readily as petrol (gasoline). The crankshaft is made from a solid (billet) piece of high strength steel alloy and they only last about 70 runs (if your lucky!) The conrods are made from a special aluminium alloy and last about 20 runs.



The specialist clutch has 3 x 10" diameter plates and is designed to slip at a preset rate (adjusted for track conditions) - if not the slicks would spin off the starting line. Our car has a "Lenco" planetary transmission (gearbox) - with 3 forward speeds and reverse - It is specially designed for drag racing and allows clutchless shifts under power

Safety Equipment
The supercharger, engine block and transmission are all surrounded by safety bags made from the same material as "bullet proof" vests with restraint straps to prevent shrapnel blowing off the car in the event of an explosion. The clutch is enclosed within a special high strength steel bellhousing ("can") for the same reasons. There are two parachutes to slow the car down from over 230mph, the conventional disc brakes (rear wheels only) are only effective at speeds under 100mph.

Wheels & Tyres
The rear slicks are 17" wide to get all that power to the track. They are specially designed for drag racing with very thin sidewalls (3mm) so they grow in diameter due to centrifugal action as the speed (rpm) increases going down the track thereby increasing overall gear ratio. The front wheels are only 2.25" wide as they don't do a lot most of the time!

Performance Stats

Engine power - 2500+bhp

0 - 100 mph in approx 1 second

Standing Start 1/4 mile - 5.79 seconds

Terminal Speed at 1/4 mile - 230.66 mph

G Force - +3 G (at start), -3 G (at finish line)

Fuel consumption -16 gallons / mile! (330 feet / gallon)