UK Top Alcohol Championship (Round 4) - Avon Park 1999

We may not have won but - They Knew We Were There!

Sat 29th Aug
After a bit of a cock up on the Burnout procedure and the Tach not working we run our best ever E.T. - 6.30 @ 209mph - what’s gone wrong! - no drama and straight as a die. We now check all the rod bearings after every run after spinning a bearing at the Mini Shootout last time out - after this run everything appeared to be in good shape - I am getting worried - things are looking too good - for every bit of good there must be some bad - right!

Sun 30th Aug
After another poor Burnout and the motor sounding a bit too rich we run our best ever mph - 6.5 @ 225mph - again no drama! - what is going on here. After dropping the pan we find the reason for the spun bearing last time out - some of the rod bearings were starting to de-laminate. After some further investigation although all the bearings were from the same manufacturer, they were not all the same batch # - all the bad ones were from the same batch. Fortunately we caught them in time - and replaced them all with those from another manufacturer - although I won’t name the maker of the “duff” bearings - it does imply a “Royal” connection!”

Monday 31st Aug
Race Day We qualified #3 and were paired with Rob Turner (#4) after a lengthy oil down we finally ran - unfortunately (for us) we lost traction on leaving the concrete launch pad and again at 3/4 track but it was very unlikely we would have been able to do anything about Rob’s much improved 6.2 run - but our 1000’ shut off 6.7 wasn’t too bad considering.

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As yet we have not stripped the motor down but if everything is ok we may make another appearance at Avon Park next month for some more testing.

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