UK Top Alcohol Championship (Round 1) — Santa Pod Easter 2000

Movin’ Up?



Ever tried to put an awning up in a Force 8 gale? - we did - several times!



First day of qualifying - NOT! - absolutely threw it down all day - we spent all our time sorting out niggling little problems with a leaking fuel shut-off valve (special thanks to the “Shockwave” FC team for lending us a spare) - dialing in a new barrel valve and running repairs to the awning.



A new day dawns - weather looks good - car sounds ok - mixed results from the new data recorder - all we have are temperature and pressure readings. Car idles really rich and there was some concern over a small amount of leaking fluid after the burnout - 6.230 @ 225.84mph - our best time and speed ever! Back in the pits we find the reason for the leak - it was not fuel as first suspected but oil - the 3/16” feed to the data recorder had fractured completely spewing oil everywhere - a complete bottom end inspection revealed no damage - a lucky escape! Needless to say all the pressure lines to the data recorder were now disconnected. Another problem came to light with a distorted inlet valve seat giving a 90% leakdown! Dennis’ sterling service lapping in the valve seat (2hrs) got the leakdown back down to an acceptable figure and we were back in business.



Eliminations We qualified # 3 and were up against Doug Bond in the first round who had qualified # 4 with a shut-off 6.94 in his new car. Round 1 - After some starting/startline problems we managed to drive around Doug (who had problems at the top end) with a 6.48. On returning to the pits the good news was that the valve seat had held up but the clutch plates were trashed - but more hard work (and a borrowed plate from Turner Racing) saw us ready in time for the next round.
Semi-Final - We were paired with Dave Wilson and the “Nemisis” team who had qualified and won the first round with consistent 5.9’s - a tough job ahead! A few adjustments and a bit more driver concentration netted the result - the car left strong and pulled all the way to a 1000’ - no sign of Dave, we could not have won, could we? Then the crew came and gave me the news - not only had we won - we ran a 5.99!!! Even the car being covered in oil could not dampen our spirits at this news as our target for this year was a 6.1! Unfortunately on returning to our pit more damage was realised - The valve seat had moved again and we had damaged 3 pushrods and a rocker arm and could not now make the final.

But all expectations were surpassed and we managed to overcome all our problems (except the last one) on our negative collateral budget - this without a doubt was my best moment in drag racing just piping our first 6 second run which was my # 1 ambition.

We would like to especially thank the following for helping us out at the track this weekend :-

Rob, Steve & Carmel Turner - Far too much to mention
The “Shockwave” FC team - For the “5 second” shut off valve!
Doug Bond/Martyn Hannis - For being “Good Guys”

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