European Top Methanol Championship (Round 1) -Santa Pod (May 2000)

The Good the Bad and the Ugly


Repeat of the Easter race - Up at 3 am trying to hold the awning down! - saw Bob Meyer - no shorts on for this race!

Saturday - First day of qualifying After a minor problem with some duff spark plugs - we just make it in time for the first qualifying session - we need not have bothered - after 60’ the engine just quit - turns out we have a duff “Kill Switch” - we then make it out for the second session late in the day and run our best ever 5.94 @ 230.66 mph! - We are in as #4 qualifier!



As a result of the bad weather there are no qualifying sessions for Top Alcohol today - but we did not intend going out today as our budget only allows for one qualifier so we concentrated on getting the car ready for the first round race and trying to improve on the lethargic 60’ times.



Eliminations The first round pitted us against Rob Turner in his Netcall sponsored car who coincidently we should have met in the final of the British Championship at the Easter race. The car left with it’s best 60’ ever (by miles) and by the 1/8 mile we were in front but ominously the car did not pull as it should when shifted into high gear but we still ran our best time ever and won the race - 5.90 @ 217 mph - and that low speed told the story………
On returning to the pits we dropped the diaper bag and the remains of 4 cylinders dropped out… Which unfortunately put an end to our day.


Positive points from the race were -
We were the top UK qualifier
We again improved our personal best performance (speed & e.t.)

I would like to especially thank the following for helping us out, encouraging us, or just being “good eggs” :-

Rob, Steve & Carmel Turner
Peter Axedal and family / Gordon Callin
Doug Bond/Martyn Hannis
All the Guys & Gals at Avon Park (sorry I didn’t make it there this year - believe me, I tried)
Bob Meyer
Bob (Showtime) Jarrett
The “Shockwave” crew
Dave Wilson
Jerry & Paul

Most of all my crew - Angie, Tony, Richard, Dennis and Roy And the Barnsley “fan Club”…...the Fish family, Andy, Nina, Dan & Amy, Nick and Steve


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