News - June 2004

Testing, Testing (Power Nationals - Avon Park 12/13th June)

We decided after the (not so) Excitement Nationals to attend the Power Nationals at Avon Park in an effort to try and sort out our ignition problems before the next UK Championship round at Santa Pod.

We entered in the Supercharged Outlaw class as there was no provision for Top Alcohol.

We had our first run on Saturday which was just a planned launch - this gave us our best 60' time ever but we were still not firing on all 8, under power. After the run, the car was thoroughly gone over and everything was in seen to be in order however as a result of being extra meticulous we just missed turing around for the next session. We did however get out for the 3rd and final session (we were the last vehicle down the track) and I decided to go for a full pass - the launch was not as hard as our previous run and the car got a bit loose at the first gear shift - I then short shifted into high gear - 6.2 @ 221mph - not a great pass with 2 cylinders intermittently firing - but amazingly enough this was the quickest pass of the weekend despite there being 2 Top Fuel cars and a Jet Car present!

On checking the car out on Sunday morning Richard found a split in the chassis which could not be repaired at the track, consequently this put an end to our testing program for the weekend.


Synopsis of the Weekend -

  • We learned a few things but we still have a way to go - if we can track down the intermittent misfire under power, we will be on our way - I'm sure.
  • I think we now hold the record for the biggest breakout in Supercharged Outlaw!
  • I don't know - and I'm sure nobody else knows, how the Supercharged Outlaw brackets work :-)
  • It seems to be reported elsewhere that I have a family that I know nothing about!

The chassis will be taken to Webster Engineering next week to have the chassis checked out and repaired - unfortunately this does mean that we will be unable to compete at the next round of the UK Top Methanol Championship at Santa Pod (June 26/27th).

Hopefully we may get a chance to do some more testing before the next UK Championship round - Avon Park (28/29/30th August) - if we do, the news will be posted here first.

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2004 National Championship Race Dates

May 1st, 2nd, 3rd Excitement Nationals Avon Park
June 26th, 27th Summer Nationals Santa Pod
August 28th, 29th, 30th Allstar Nationals Avon Park
October 2nd, 3rd National Finals Santa Pod


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